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A simple guide to the Glaswegian dialect

November 2015 | City in the spotlight

As a visitor to the UK you may well be shocked at how many dialects there are. Even if you’re from the UK these dialects can be hard to understand and at times down-right unintelligible. In the films you tend to be exposed to just one or two types of British. You have the Hugh Grant-esque received pronunciation or Queen’s English. At entirely the other end of the spectrum you get your Bob Hoskins or Ray Winstones who are ye propa cockney geezas. But between Windsor Castle and the East End there are all manner of regional accents and dialects to be found.

10 London hacks that will have you travelling like a local

November 2015 | City in the spotlight

If you’ve ever been to London before you don’t need me to tell you that it’s a sprawling and expensive city. But that shouldn’t put you off coming. There are many ways to hack London, in particular the labyrinthine transport system, and come out the end with a smug grin and a wallet that isn’t completely drained. It has been this writer’s life quest to discover the city’s travel hacks, which have been written down for your benefit.

London on a shoestring

November 2015 | City in the spotlight

If you’re planning a visit to London you’ve probably heard this line before: London can be a pricey city. You’re sick of hearing it, we’re sick of saying it. It’s true to an extent but if you’re a canny traveller – and I have no doubt you are – then you can actually do London on a fairly tight budget. It’s about knowing where to go. So here they are, five top tips for saving yourself a pretty penny when you visit the capital.

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