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Budapest on a Shoestring

February 2016 | On a shoestring, City in the spotlight, Location Guides

Us Europeans often take ultra-cheap city breaks for granted, jetting off to exotic capitals from our home countries for the price of an average night out in the UK. Frugal free spirits will therefore be delighted by Budapest, with its excellent exchange rate giving you spending leeway.

easyHotel's City Fact File

February 2016 | City in the spotlight, Location Guides

What do 17 cities across Europe and the Middle East have in common? The answer is not a lot, but they do all have an easyHotel found in them. While the offering you get from all easyHotels is the same – comfort, cleanliness and seriously competitive room prices – what differs about each location is the culture it is immersed within. The below infographic looks at these 17 cities and offers an interesting fact (or five in London’s case on account of the amount of hotels we have in the city) on each of them. Enjoy!

Is Croydon the new Silicon Valley?

January 2016 | Insider’s Guide

Croydon is fast shaking off its suburban image. In 2014, the South London borough was declared the UK’s fastest growing tech cluster and there have been murmurings ever since that, maybe, Croydon is London’s latest answer to Silicon Valley.

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