أنواع الغرف

يرجى تحديد التواريخ الخاصة بك لمعرفة توافر الغرف والأسعار

يرجى تحديد تواريخ لمعرفة التوافر والأسعار

Small double with Window

Double with Window


يرجى تحديد تواريخ لمعرفة التوافر والأسعار

نبذة عن فندقنا

About our hotel

EasyHotel Sofia is a fantastic place to check into, plan your business and leisure activities and lay your head down for the day. Situated on the corner of the Aldomirovska Street and the main Todor Alexandrov Boulevard, a short walk from the city centre, easyHotel Sofia offers super value and comfort with easy access to top tourist sights and the capital’s main business district.

This comfortable and cheap hotel in Sofia provides air-conditioned and fully heated bedrooms no matter your preference, comfortable beds for a great night’s sleep and ensuite bathrooms to freshen up in. Close to the many attractions of Sofia’s city centre, there are options for both work and play and fantastic transport options to get you from A to B. Take advantage of the free hotel WiFi to plan your business and leisure activities to make the most of your time in Sofia.

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Contact details

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