Franchising – FAQ's

Whilst we are happy to share our experiences of converting that building to an easyHotel - we plan to grow by franchising, not by acting as project financers.

Whatever the age, size, condition of your building, our innovative approach to space management will enable you to increase the number of rooms you offer, you can utilize that space that has been a lazy asset into your revenue earning space.

The design of our rooms is unique, it combines aesthetics with durable long lasting materials, which are almost free of maintenance costs.

Agreement is for 20 years, and is then renewable on payment of a fee.

A franchise gives you the benefit of running your own business, but also gives you the advantages of Brand recognition, Brand marketing, A reservations system, and the option of tapping into a greater resource than you would have yourself.

Good question - an easyHotel franchise is not for everyone - it is a new concept, it was initially designed for existing hoteliers in city centers to convert to an easyHotel and so make better, more profitable use of their building. However we now realize that it can be just as successful in other locations.

The concept is ideally suited for hotels operating between 50 and 75 rooms, however upwards of 100+ rooms is completely feasible - although this is dependant on location and other factors.

Fees are on a par, if not lower than other hotel companies who are involved in franchising. We will be happy to give you specific details when we meet.

You already have the business acumen, but the sharp end of our business is all about people, be they customers or employees or our suppliers - skills in managing people are proven differentiators in hotel success stories.



We believe our concept has a worldwide application, and would be pleased to consider interest from any region. 

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