Please ensure you have read the latest guidelines applicable to you and your stay before you book. For more information, read HERE.

Stay Easy, Stay Safe - Our pledge to you

We promise that from the moment you step through our doors, we are putting your safety first. See below to find out how we are -

  1. Ensuring cleanliness
  • Before opening the doors to the public, every single hotel has undergone a ‘deep clean’ which removes any potential risk of infection to employees and visitors
  • When guests arrive at an easyHotel, they can rest assured that any potential touchpoints, such as door handles and lift buttons, are being regularly disinfected – and easyHotel encourages every person walking into a hotel to immediately use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance
  • Rooms will have been expertly cleaned in advance of each guest’s arrival, following easyHotel’s six-point plan for guaranteeing the best possible clean. The brand’s simple, no-frills style rooms and hard floors make thorough cleaning easier
  1. Keeping contact to a minimum
  • Checking in at easyHotel has always been quick and simple, and wherever possible it will now be done digitally to make it even more so
  • When collecting the disinfected keycard from our receptions, guests will have minimum contact with receptionists, who will be as friendly and helpful as ever, but behind clear screens and wearing PPE (masks and gloves) for their own and guests’ protection
  1. Maintaining social distancing
  • easyHotel strongly recommends maintaining social distancing in reception areas so that the capacity cannot exceed more than three people at the same time. It also asks each guest to keep a minimum of 2m apart from others
  • Because easyHotel is focused on giving guests the best value stays, it does not have shared facilities such as restaurants, bars or gyms, but it is limiting people in public areas such as lifts

easyHotel is doing as much as it can to protect guests so that you can enjoy a clean, safe and comfortable stay with us in each and every one of our hotels – our pledge: Stay Easy, Stay Safe!