Our top 10 Glaswegian Phrases

Those wee Glaswegian phrases can get confusing - get yersel familiar before ye go!

2019 June 20

  1. Bolt ya rocket - to tell someone to go away when they are testing your patience. To call someone a ‘rocket’ is like calling them daft/ eejit (a.k.a an idiot).
  2. Gallus - a type of swa - you either have it or you don’t! It can have either positive or negative connotations. 
  3. Away an bile yer heid - essentially, go away and boil your head in shame - used when someone is talking right nonsense.
  4. Mad awe it - very, very, very drunk.
  5. Swally - booze / bevvy - an alcoholic beverage (or 10).
  6. Pure Baltic - ridiculously cold. 
  7. Taps aff - Take your top off - for that one day a year when the sun is out.
  8. Gie-in it laldy - basically to go for it, give it your all - no regrets. 
  9. Gaun yersel - Words of encouragement - go on yourself!
  10. Did ye, aye? - using some necessary sarcasm, to put someone in their place. Best used with a smirk!


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