09 November 2016 City in spotlight

Never underestimate the underdog. No more so is that statement true than with Croydon. The humble south London borough, and town at its heart, has got a bad rep for years. But this image is quickly changing.

A Boxpark has opened its second branch here, the first in Shoreditch. Westfield will open in Croydon by the year 2020. All signs point towards a boom period for London’s southern-most borough.

We struggled to believe it ourselves, and had to go check it out. Watch the video below to see how we enjoyed our time.

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Amazing Festivals this August: London

July 2017 | City in spotlight

By the time August rolls around, London summer and all its revelry has hit full throttle. As we’ve talked about in a previous post, London is jam-packed with festival after festival spanning all sizes, styles and vibes throughout June and July. Never fear, however, as the fun continues into August, with the city seeing some of the best festivals of the year take place.