19 September 2016

Frankfurt often flies under the radar of savvy young travellers such as yourself. We’ve heard it all before, city boys, banks and finance; not exactly conducive to a banging holiday. But hold your judgment for a moment, peal back the misconceptions and you’ll see a city brimming with cheap thrills and packed out dance floors. You can take our word for that.

As city breaks go, you’d be well placed to invest your time in a city such as this. And ok, yeah there’ll be some suits. But if Wolf of Wall Street has taught us anything, it’s that those city boys love to have a good time.

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Need help on that?

Here are our highlights.


Start it off with a stroll


The River Main runs straight through the middle of the city. Use this to get your bearings. You’ll get stunning views of the city skyline as you stroll along the banks. The south side is the preferred side with views that will leave lasting memories. Drop into the Museumufer, or museum embankment. If a bit of culture is your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear that on the last Saturday of the month – they call it Satourday – most of the museums offer free entry. Perfect for a savvy traveller such as yourself.

By far the highlight of the river banks is found between the Holbeinsteg and Eiserner Steg bridge.

Taste the scrumpy


In Germany? The beer capital of the world? Where the average German drinks 105 litres of beer a year? And we recommend you that stuff you get in milk cartons in country shows up and down the UK? Yes, really.

Except they don’t call it cider in Germany. Or scrumpy for that matter. No, it’s something altogether more continental. It’s apple wine (Apfelwein in German), and carries a certain je ne sais quoi. Get it in Adolf Wagner, where you can use it to wash down some schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), a local delicacy.

Pull some shapes 


You don’t need us to tell you of Germany’s love affair with dance music. Pounding dance floors with a steady beat since the 80s, house and techno have found their spiritual home in Germany’s many dark and dripping-in-sweat nightclubs.

 The highlights include Club Travolta, the trendiest spot in town. The party starts at 11pm and wraps up at 6am. Struggling to last the distance? Get on the vodka-mate. Club Mate (pronounced Cloob Martay) is a vegan energy drink sold in all upstanding establishments in Germany, add a free-pour shot of vodka for that added kick to keep you going until lights up. The trick to it is, they give you the full bottle of mate, you take a big gulp, hand it back and watch them free-pour the vodka to the top. Give it a gentle shake and you’re set.

Clear your head with some brunch


undefinedThe morning after the night before can be a real kicker, especially after one too many vodka-mates. But luckily for you, Frankfurt is into Sunday brunch, in a big way. It’s a thing.

 Cold meat buffets, eggs and, if you’re a hair of the dog kind of person, beers before noon is a-ok in Germany. We recommend the cavernous Druckwasserwerk (site is in German, we recommend Google Translate).


 With that you’re set to get the ball rolling on your Frankfurt adventure. Be sure to book with easyHotel Frankfurt for some of the most competitive rates the city has to offer.