22 June 2016

It’s coming home. Football’s coming home. Exciting, eh?

If the thought of standing in a pub surrounded by shouting people is enough to put you off your drink, then this is the post for you.

You’re not alone.

Football fever is washing over the UK. And with Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales in the group stages, it’s harder than ever to escape. Luckily there are like-minded people organising things that don’t involve shouting at a screen. These are our top picks:


Taste some culture at Sketch London


Seen the film Clockwork Orange? Sketch, a restaurant and bar, offers the real deal. The unassuming front hides what are the whacky workings of artist David Shrigley. The first room you enter feels like you could be in a 1970s country estate; scotch and crumpets.

Then through to the pink room, that is exactly as you imagine it. Overpoweringly, sickeningly baby pink. And through to the bar, undoubtedly the highlight. Forget a dent, this place is leaving a crater in your pocket. Beers for a fiver…  The bar is where this place comes into its own. Your perceptions are played with. How close is that chair? How tall are the barmen?

The toilets? Space capsules.


It may be pricey, but it’s well worth the visit. Keep an eye out for online deals, you never know there may be some special offers catered just towards you.


Celebrate musical idols at Wireless

The Euros final is Sunday, July 10. You can drown out the cheers and screams of fans in the capital by heading to Wireless. The 3-day long festival comes to a close that very day. At 60 quid, the tickets seem a reasonable price. 


For that you’ll get the Boy Better Know lot, Kygo, Action Bronson, Section Boyz, Newham Generals and Elf Kid. That really is some of the best London (and the rest of the world) has to offer. To get you in the mood give this summer smasher from Kygo a go.

The event takes place in Finsbury Park over that July weekend. It’s the perfect festival for those not so keen on swimming in their own filth. Get the night bus back to easyHotel Old Street/Barbican and return the next day nice and clean.

Party People 

If you prefer your beats a bit more pounding then those on offer at Wireless, head down to the free Party People Sunday parties. They’re on every Sunday throughout the summer, sign up here to get on the guest list.


They seem to be playing their cards pretty close to their chest as to who will be playing these free parties. But judging on past form, expect some top-notch DJs. Past events have played host to the likes of Pearson Sound, Floating Points, Mount Kimbie and Gerd Janson.

WARNING: You may brush up against some football here, but only of the table variety.


Enjoy the silence

It’s eerie. That roughly two-hour period that a football game takes, the streets are empty. No one.

Grasp it. This is your opportunity to revel in the things that are usually crowded with people. How’s the weather looking? Hot.

Perfect, then it’s time for you to get outside and catch some sun. Whilst you’re at it you can get some exercise in. Visit Brockwell Lido in the south of London, and you can take the plunge in the outdoor, cold-water pool (don’t worry it’s pretty refreshing on a hot day). It’s usually chocker whatever time of day you go there. Not when the football’s on.

The same goes for Brockwell Park. Usually rammed the moment the sun comes out, on a big day of sport, you can expect all the space in the world. The park and Lido are two stops from Victoria Station and easyHotel London Victoria.

Those are four of the best ways you can steer clear of the footy this summer. Don’t worry it’s not that long, it’ll be over in a couple of weeks and then you’ve got two whole years until the next lot.