24 August 2016 City in the spotlight, Location Guides

Manchester is in rude health these days. It is one of the best party cities in the UK, and heck even Europe, but offers so much more to the refined tourist than just sweaty clubs and shopping. In line with this explosion, easyHotel will open the doors to its new hotel in 2017. The hotel will be less than 10 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

In preparation for the opening of our new hotel we have listed out five of the best things to get up to in Manchester on your next visit.


Pick up some cracking vinyl

The musical tradition of Manchester is no secret. The Smiths, Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays to name but a few, all hail from Manchester. Not to mention the ground-breaking nightlife scene as led by the Haçienda nightclub during the 90s Acid House days. Following on this lineage are clubs such as The Warehouse Project, which offers a carefully curated seasonal nightclub experience. 



The point I think is made. Manchester=Musos. It will come as no surprise then that there are a fair few banging record stores for music nerds to sink their teeth into. Highlights include Vinyl Exchange for a broad range of musical tastes, Eastern Bloc for dance records and for the real nerds head out of town to Kingbee Records where all tastes are covered in surprising depth.


Slurp down some tea

Tea is seeing a revival in Manchester. The rich roasted smell of coffee shops is making way for the more fragrant scents of tea and cakes. The mecca of the lot is of course Teacup Kitchen, owned by Mancunian tea lover and DJ, Mr Scruff. If you think you’ve tried tea, this place takes it to the next level. Some of the teas are served with timers so you can be sure of the exact right brew time for the optimal taste.


Canal Street



Manchester’s Gay Village is undergoing a sort of renaissance. It had fallen foul of debauchery and all night parties. But there is a concerted effort to make the area a lot more gay friendly, making it a safer place for the Manchester gay community, their friends and family, to spend time. Gay or straight, it is irrelevant. Visit Canal Street during the day to lend you support to a revitalised part of Manchester.



For some of the finest Asian tastes in Manchester, you need to get yourself down to Chinatown. This is the third largest Chinatown in all of Europe and comes complete with buildings and road signs adorned in a Chinese style and with Chinese writing. The main business to be found is that of restaurants, however you can also find some fantastic supermarkets providing exotic ingredients for you to take home and throw into your next stir fry.


Embrace Manchester’s first love

In the name of impartiality, we couldn’t mention the red side of town with mentioning the blue. I am of course talking football. Probably the city’s biggest export. The rivalry between United and City is well documented and has taken on even greater meaning this year seeing as two of football’s greatest rivals in José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola both sit on their respective thrones either side of the town. If you’re in town for match day be sure to pick a side and watch the game. Even better coincide your trip for derby day and see the city come to light in its finest footballing regalia. You can attend tours of the two world class stadia, in the Etihad and Old Trafford.

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