19 July 2016 City in the spotlight

Dubai is like a playground for grownups. Towering skyscrapers, stunning beaches and snow-capped mountains (well, sort of) are all awaiting the intrepid explorer.

Whatever it is you are planning to do, opt for comfort on a budget with easyHotel Dubai Jebel Ali.

But we can help if you’re struggling for inspiration. Below are five of the best ways to get a thrill in Dubai.



An obvious one, but skydiving over Dubai is a truly incredible experience. Looking over Dubai from such a vantage point brings the whole city into light. The Palm Jumeira Island blows the mind, while the Burj Khalifa is made to look like a tiny pin sticking out of the dunes. Temperatures in Dubai can soar to well over 40, but plummeting down to earth, all you’ll be thinking about is the wind buffeting your body and billowing past your face.


As the ground comes closer and your focus becomes clearer, consider for a moment the speed at which you’re falling to the hard ground. At the last minute the parachute saves you, jolting you into a graceful float to the ground.


 Dune buggying

Escape the city and head out into the dunes for this thrill seeking highlight. The dunes shift and roll as the wind pulls them one way and the other. Take to a buggy to experience the sheer scale of the dunes.


Driving over them you will get the opportunity to launch yourself, your buggy and companion into the air, before crashing back down to the dune below. Enjoy the experience with Dream Explorer and get some sand boarding thrown in at the end for good measure.


Ski Dubai

What’s mad about this one is that someone obviously took a look at Dubai and said, “Do you know what’s missing here? A genuine, functioning ski slope.” So now it exists. The sheer audacity of the project is mind-boggling. A ski slope… In the desert…

Can you imagine? Then so it shall be. Ski Dubai offers five different slopes, of varying degrees of difficulty. The longest is half a kilometre long. While there, try your hand at skiing or snowboarding; the snowboarders can enjoy the freestyle area, complete with jumps and rails to grind on.


Plummet nine storeys in seconds

The Aquaventure Waterpark is the go to place for keeping cool in the Middle Eastern sun. What’s more terrifying, throwing yourself down a nine-storey drop or the floor falling out from beneath you before plummeting down a dark tube?


Luckily, thrill seeker, you don’t have to choose, Aquaventure offers both. Poseidon’s Revenge and Leap of Faith are the two wildest rides you’re likely to find. A dead cert to get the heart racing.




If it’s good enough for Iron Man it’s good enough for you. Only difference being, Iron Man gets jet propulsion. In Dubai use water to propel you on your hoverboard above the water’s limit. Much like Iron Man you will have jets attached to your feet and hands.

Try back flips or front flips for a true thrill ride.

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