19 August 2016 City in the spotlight, On a shoestring

London is a monster of a city. With so much to see and do it can easily feel overwhelming. As a visitor to the city it goes without saying that the main tourist attractions are well worth seeing, but beyond that there is always some unusual event taking place, tucked away just out of sight.

With that in mind below are compiled the five most unusual things to see and do this September. 


Open House London

Ever wondered what the bottom of the Cutty Sark looks like or wanted to get inside the inner workings of the Gherkin? Well this is your chance. Taking place on the weekend of the 17 and 18 September, London will open its doors to the public. At time of writing the exact locations have not been revealed but to be kept up to date you can sign up to the newsletter on their website. Some buildings are extremely popular and require booking in advance but the majority you can just turn up to on the day and be let in.


Hackney One

You may have read our post about Notting Hill Carnival and Europe’s best street parties and realised we like a free shindig. This one is no different. Taking place on 11 September the route circles around from Dalston Junction station to Hackney Central station and back again. The main act of the procession is to be found on Ridley Road, where the climactic finale takes place, sound tracked by some of London’s best booming sound systems.


Hackney One Festival Weekend


Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival

Greenwich should be high on the list of things to do for any visitor to the capital, but let’s be honest, it’s actually a bit off the beaten track. Give yourself an excuse to head down to this quaint corner of London and visit the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival any time between 15 and 18 September. Historic ships will be taking to the Thames and taking people up and down the river in a show of how busy it used to be as an artery for trade. You can get tickets, but our best recommendation is to watch it from the banks of Greenwich. The University of Greenwich grounds would be the ideal place to go for this.



You know those whacky drawings you see where someone in the 50s or 20s has imagined how the world will look in the year 2000, or the year 2020? Well FutureFest is in the business of doing exactly that in our age. Predicting the future is of course a fool’s errand but someone’s got to do it. The event takes place on the 17 and 18 September at Tobacco Dock. Perhaps in one hundred years your children will be laughing at what the panel of experts put their neck on the line to predict. This ticketed event may be a touch on the steep side but if you’re a student you’ll get 50% off the price of a ticket.


Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival

Form the future we jump right back into the past, to one of the UK and more specifically London’s weirder traditions. The Pearly Kings and Queens is a 125-year-old tradition of dressing up in outlandish suits covered in hundreds of shiny buttons for a good cause. It has been and will always be about charitable causes and this particular event is no different. It starts off at Guildhall Yard with classic English entertainment then will move on to St Mary-le-Bow Church. It is a free event but is held in the name of charity and harvest festival offerings are recommended, namely tinned and non-perishable goods to be distributed amongst those in need.

 Things to do in London


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