06 October 2017 City in the spotlight, Location Guides

It doesn’t get more quintessentially British than central London – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament - iconic buildings that define London are around every corner. The city is always buzzing, packed with excited tourists taking in the sights and sounds of London, and the rich sense of history and culture that defines the area.


Stroll through the city, take a ride on the London Eye, have a picnic in Hyde Park, spend hours marvelling in the National Gallery, or catch a show on the West End – there is never enough time to enjoy everything the city has to offer. An overload of culture and history, excitement and activity.



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Why We Love London | Camden Town

October 2017 | Location Guides, City in the spotlight

Camden Town is one of the most exciting, eccentric and eclectic areas of London. Home to the iconic Camden Market, it is regarded as one of the most diverse and welcoming areas in the capital, playing host not only to locals of all different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, but millions of tourists every year.

The best festivals in Manchester this autumn

August 2017 | City in the spotlight, Insider’s Guide

With so many incredible festivals having taken place in Manchester over the summer (see here for examples), you might think things would start slowing down with the cooling of the temperature and the arrival of Autumn…Well, think again as September and October are packed with loads of fun events and festivals to welcome in the new season and reassure people that winter ain’t that bad.