About Us

Part of the ‘easy’ family of brands

Moments. They’re what life’s about.

A wedding, the Cup Final, that big meeting. A bad date turning good when you got the waiter’s number.

Or the quiet bite that turned into the night of the year.

When you can proudly say “I was there” and “I was part of that”.

Because it’s not about enjoying events on a 48-inch plasma screen.

Or having two slices of ham at the continental breakfast.

It’s about waking up, getting out there, and living your life.

Making the most of each day.

Moment by moment.

You want to kick-start your day from an easy base,

and be right in the thick of it, not a taxi ride away.

All you need is a friendly face to point you in the direction of a good local.

And somewhere to rest your head, before doing it all again.

Before you catch that next moment.

We’ll take care of making sure you’re well rested.

You take care of going out, exploring the city,

meeting the locals, and getting to the heart of it.

At easyHotel we promise our guests a good night’s

sleep at an easy price. Nothing more and

nothing less.

easyHotel® is part of the easy® family of brands. For more information please visit easy.com and easyHistory.info