Our Super Sustainability Pledge

We know that a company’s dedication to an improved sustainable development is a key factor in decision making for more than half of consumers*. This means that more and more companies are determined to decrease their carbon emissions and easyHotel is no different. In fact, here at easyHotel, we are aiming to become the leader in low-cost, low-carbon hotels throughout Europe and the UK.

We are dedicated to offering you an affordable, accessible and sustainable option in all the best European cities. 


Most companies look to offsetting their carbon output instead of reducing their carbon output. This is because carbon-offsetting relies on paying money to offset carbon-driving activity, meaning that there is no actual reduction in the carbon consumption at the outset.

Instead, we plan to take direct actions to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce our energy usage.


A large proportion of emissions linked to the hotel industry come from construction, so the way in which we construct our hotels is designed to minimise our output of CO2 emissions. 

  • The layout of each of new hotel has been optimised to make the most of the surface area, meaning that we have been able to mechanically reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our emissions.
  • We have developed a new concept for our hotel room, which focus on being sustainable and minimal, meaning we use fewer raw materials while providing the ultimate level of comfort at an affordable price.
  • We have used materials and energy efficiently, in order to minimize emissions and avoid wasting resources during site construction period. This includes installing energy efficient technologies
  • We analyse our energy use when hotels are in operation to further identify areas where we can cut emissions.
  • We are implementing ways to generate renewable energy at selected hotels.
  • We aim to have the lowest CO2 emissions per occupied bed in the industry.
  • Our new hotel room concept uses low carbon materials
  • Our new bedroom flooring is Cradle to Cradle Certified, meaning that it is both a recycled materials and it is easily recycled, and is manufactured using renewable energy
  • We've used timber for the bed frames, skirtings, door frames etc., which is sustainably sourced. Timber is an inherently a low carbon material
  • Our tartan wallpaper achieves a VinylPlus label, which is only given to PVC products that use recycled raw materials, are easily recyclable, promote innovation in recycling and reduce carbon output during manufacturing
  • The stools in the rooms are manufactured from 100% recycled household and industrial plastic waste

Back to basics

Unlike most hotels, which focus on providing their clients with a luxury service, we want to strip back to basics and provide our customers with high-quality basics that really matter, focusing on a minimalist and hotel model.

  • Since we’re in the heart of the city, there is no need for us to have the superfluous additions of a gym, conference room, kitchen or bar etc. This means that we don’t waste energy powering machines that aren’t being used most of the time!
  • We also don’t want to waste precious resources by building another restaurant that isn’t necessary to add to the area.
  • The cleaning of easyHotel rooms happens once per stay rather than every day, to reduce unnecessary washing of towels, which wastes water. 

Food waste

We want to entice our customers to get out of the hotel and really explore and discover the city. To us, engaging in the culture of the local community means trying amazing local foods and visiting the best local bars. This is why in most of our hotels, we don’t offer food!

  • Not only does this help our customers really immerse themselves in the culture of the city they’re visiting, but also injects money into local businesses and the local economy and encourages local employment. This ultimately supports the local community! 
  • This also means that we don’t add to the obscene amount of global food waste, of which the hotel sector accounts for about 12%**. 

Public transport

We base our hotel locations on the biggest or most exciting cities across Europe and the UK and we are always in the heart of city centres or bustling urban neighbourhoods. These locations usually have strong transport hubs.

  • This encourages our customers to explore by foot or use one of the modes of public transport that is on offer (such as metros, trains buses or trams etc) instead of travelling by taxi or hiring cars.
  • Our customers are able to take advantage of eco-responsible and more economical modes of transport to get around city centres and to reach tourist attractions.

With low-carbon hotel construction, the use of recyclable and sustainable materials throughout our hotels, and central locations which are well connected; sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

*58% of consumers are thinking more about sustainability since the pandemic started (Accenture, 2021)

** "Leave footprints in the sand, but not on the environment, on your next holiday", The Times, 25 April 2022