Other hotels in United Kingdom

UK Hotels

Whether you’re planning a city break with your other half or travelling for work, our cheap UK hotels make it easy to explore some of the country’s best-loved cities.

Take a trip north of the border and book a stay in one of our Scotland hotels. With centrally located accommodation in Glasgow and Edinburgh, you’ll get to experience everything that these landmark cities have to offer. 

Our Ireland hotel is located in beautiful Belfast. With its buzzing nightlife, world-class restaurants and boutique shopping, this cultural capital is a must-visit destination for couples, friends and families alike. 

And if you’re looking for a quintessentially British break, check out our budget hotels in England. With seven hotels in London alone, our family-friendly accommodation provides the perfect base – wherever you’re staying. Explore Manchester’s bustling Northern Quarter, Liverpool’s lively docklands and the historic town of Reading – all thanks to easyHotel.

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