Summer in the city T&Cs

Prices featured are 'from' prices based on the lowest available rate plan/room type combination and are available at the time of going to press 21st July 2021. Featured rates apply to new bookings for selected stay dates between 21st July 2021 and 30th September 2021 (inclusive) only.

The 'from prices' shown are for 1 night stays commencing any day from Sunday's to Thursday's in the qualifying stay period (meaning between 21st July 2021 and 30th September 2021). Stays that start on a Friday or Saturday may carry a premium rate. This offer is subject to availability and Blackout dates for key events or seasonality may apply. During blackout dates this promotion will not be bookable for the shown price at the hotels specified. For a complete list of blackout dates, please refer to the list below.

The featured rates may not necessarily be available through third party booking agents. We reserve the right to amend or remove this offer at any point in time with no prior notice. Usual booking terms and conditions apply. 

London price based on easyHotel Victoria.


Blackout dates: 

Hotel Black out dates
Barcelona 28/06 to 01/07
Glasgow 13/06, 14/06, 18/06, 22/06, 29/06; 10/09 to 12/09
Leeds 26-28 August; 3-4 September
Liverpool 23-24 July; 27-28 August; 
Milton Keynes 16/07 to 18/07; 27/08 to 29/08
Newcastle 28-29 August; 3-5 September; 10-12 September
London properties  12/06, 13/06 18/06, 22/06, 26/06 to 11/07 , 14/08, 10/09-12/09, 02/10-03/10
Sheffield  23-25 July; 13-15 August; 28 August; 10-11 September
Birmingham 12.07-31.07, 18/09
Cardiff 28/04, 23/05, 24/05, 16/06, 18/06, 10/07, 01/08, 26/08, 15/09, 16/09, 17/09, 18/09
Nice  all dates from 01/07  until 31/08 inclusive
Edinburgh 1st to 23th May included, all august, 01/11 until 13/11 included
Manchester 27-29 August; 10-12 September
Malaga 1st Aug to 31st August
Amsterdam Airport 28 Aug, 2/3/4/5 sep
Amsterdam Zaandam 27/28/29 Aug; 3/4/5 Sep 
Amsterdam City Centre  13/17/21/22/26 June; 3/4/5/21/22 Sep
Amsterdam Arena  13/17/21/22/26 June; 3/4/5/21/22 Sep
Brussels 27/28/29 Aug; 3/4/5 Sep 
The Hague City Centre 2/3/4/10 Sep
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